Today’s Market is a full-service health food store located in Oakmont, a northeast suburb of Pittsburgh. Our store is privately owned and operated and our staff is dedicated to providing a refreshing and informative shopping experience in support of your healthy lifestyle.  For your health needs, we carry a vast selection of products in the following categories:


Inside the Today's Market




Inside the Today's Market

  • Natural and Organic Foods

  • Organically Grown Produce (Locally Grown When Available)

  • Gluten-Free Foods 

  • Vitamins and Herbs

  • Homeopathic Remedies

  • Natural Health & Beauty Products 

  • Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Vegan Foods by Stinky's Kitchen 

Store Hours

Mon - Fri 10 AM to 6 PM

Saturday  9 AM to 3 PM

Sunday 10 AM to 3 PM

OPEN on Sundays!!

Boost Your Health Day

Save 20% on the 1st Monday of Each Month!

Want to save even more? Shop the first Monday of each month and get 20% off on all Vitamins and Herbs in the Market!

  • NutriGold Supplements

  • Host Defense Mushrooms

  • Oregon's Wild Harvest 

  • Sun Warrior - Plant Based Supplements

Herbal Medicine

FRESH Produce Drop

Every Thursday is Fresh Organic Produce Day!

Stop by for a fresh selection of greens, herbs, potatoes, oranges, and a changing variety of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms like Caruso Farms, Franklin Farms and Wild Purveyors.

Locally Grown Veggies.jpg

Featured Product

Midwest Juicery

Midwest Juicery was started to solve these 2 health problems. Our mission is to help you enjoy being healthier. We do so by carefully crafting our 100% organic, cold-pressed, raw juices to be absolutely delicious, low in sugar, and predominantly vegetables. We partnered with many Doctors and Registered Dietitians to ensure our juices are the perfect balance between healthy and delicious.

Midwest Juicery is proud to have 40% less sugar than all other juices in the US. And all of our vegetable and fruit juices are at least 50% vegetables. We truly want to help our communities solve those 2 massive health issues.

To stand by our commitment to honesty and education, we put our exact juice recipe on the bottle. We tell you what ingredients and how much of each are in our juices. There’s no need to guess how green that juice is. 

Start Your Detox Today

New - NutriGold


 At NutriGold, we consider ensuring that our products consistently and reliably meet consumers’ needs and expectations our fundamental professional and ethical obligation to them. We accomplish this by establishing “quality” specifications for our products based on the spirit and intent, and not just the language, of the FDA’s current GMPs.

Stinkys Vegan Kitchen

Soup & Deli

Daily soup and deli options are updated daily on our Instagram.