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Meet The Team




Carrie D’Ambrosio is the proud owner and operator of Today’s Organic Market. Ultimately her mission in life is to be of service to the community. Life has been happy and full while running multiple businesses, along side husband Matthew. She has also been General Manager for companies you know and love, right here in Pittsburgh. Carrie has been so dedicated to her work with the homeless and community outreach she’s even been the recipient of an award of two! Her love of organic grocery is imbedded into the market, you’ll feel it when you enter.


Market Ambassador

As a long time shopper at the market, we are pleased to have Cath as a store ambassador. She is excited to share how foods and supplements have worked for her and hopes that her holistic health journey will inspire others to feel empowered to find what works best for them.


Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, Zoe brings both creativity and expertise to the realm of fitness. Zoe is dedicated to assisting individuals in reaching their goals within the comfort of their own space. Her background encompasses catering to both general fitness enthusiasts and athletic clientele, providing a well-rounded perspective on fitness coaching. Her experience involves collaborating with Travis Kelce's former trainer, as well as working with clients in golf, lacrosse, baseball, volleyball, and general fitness across various age groups. 



operations Leader 

Maddy is one of our market's store ambassadors and social media assistant. Her passion for organic plant-based living and holistic wellness is what inspires her to continue to learn so she can help us share with our guest our mission at the market. Maddy is also a loving mother to daughter Amelia who also loves to come to the market to smell the new candles and get a homemade cookie on her way out!


operations assistant 

Alex is apart of the daily operations here at the market. He enjoys being in the kicthen and talking with all our guest. Outside of the market, Alex enjoys creating music and spending time with his family, Maddy & Amelia. 

Dr. Sebastian Frazetta

Market nutrition EDUCATOR

As a nutritional health coach, I hope to educate and empower individuals with knowledge about healthy eating habits, nutritional values, and lifestyle choices. By promoting awareness and providing practical advice this will lead to building a stronger, healthier, and more resilient community. I'm excited to guide you on your health journey!


Market Fitness Educator

Meet the D'Ambrosios



You may meet Kalani at the door of Today's Organic Market! She is the newest addition to the D'Ambrosio family and is so loved! 



Rest In Peace to our Doogle, you are an angel of the store and are always a part of this family. 


Amani & Matt

Amani is hard at work in college! 

Matt works behind the scenes at the store, you may see him on the weekends! 

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