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Meet The Team




Carrie D’Ambrosio is the proud owner and operator of Today’s Organic Market. Ultimately her mission in life is to be of service to the community. Life has been happy and full while running multiple businesses, along side husband Matthew. She has also been General Manager for companies you know and love, right here in Pittsburgh. Carrie has been so dedicated to her work with the homeless and community outreach she’s even been the recipient of an award of two! Her love of organic grocery is imbedded into the market, you’ll feel it when you enter.



Born on a local farm outside Pittsburgh, Debra has spent her whole life practicing natural living and embracing the beauty of Mother Nature. Growing up, she enjoyed athletics and anything that had to do with being outside. 

With her Bachelors of Science in Dietetics, Debra is a certified dietician. As well as her background in nutrition and wellness, Debra is certified in Reiki healing and a certified law of attraction life coach. 

Debra has extensive knowledge on many of our supplements and vitamins! Not sure what supplements you need? Just ask for Deb! 

Meet the D'Ambrosios



You may meet  Kelani at the door of Today's Organic Market! She is the newest addition to the D'Ambrosio family and is so loved! 



Rest In Peace to our Doogle, you are an angel of the store and are always a part of this family. 


Amani & Matt

Amani is hard at work in college! 

Matt works behind the scenes at the store, you may see him on the weekends! 

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