Dr. Mercola

 Biodynamic Farming

  Based on the importance of whenever possible to strive for a higher standard, we’re excited to offer our Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Tomato Puree.

   Authentically crafted on a small biodynamic family farm from tomatoes grown in the majestic Po Valley in Northern Italy, where the climate and soil are ideal for growing top-quality produce, this simple puree contains only 3 grams of natural sugars per serving and provides an ideal base for creating your own flavorful homemade sauces.

   All of our tomato pastes are low in natural sugars per serving without any added sugars or fructose. 

   Demeter Certified Biodynamic® agriculture is a step up from organic standards in that it considers the entire farm instead of individual crops and products. It requires the use of holistic regenerative farming practices to promote the health of the soil, crops and livestock, which enhances the quality and nutrition of the food being grown with a heavy focus on sustainability.  

   We strongly believe biodynamic is the wave of the future and exactly what’s needed to ensure that our soils can continue to support agriculture and feed the world.

Start crafting your own delicious homemade Italian sauces, and order your Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Tomato Puree today.


Bitchin' Sauce

Bitchin’ Beginnings

Starr began making Bitchin’ Sauce in 2004 prompted by a newly acquired vegan diet. The sparky sixteen-year-old was unimpressed by vegan-friendly options which were highly-processed using inferior ingredients, so she set out to make
 a cold-processed, raw, creamy concoction. The result was undeniably delicious and totally bitchin’!

Directly from Carlsbad, California

Supplement of the Month - Valerian

Wishing you sweet dreams

Imagine your central nervous system is a radio. Occasionally, the dial gets stuck in the “on” position and you can’t turn it off. That’s sure to make restful sleep an elusive dream. Valerian helps support the “off mode” so your mind can quiet down and relax. Night, night.


  • 90ct Non-GMO bovine gelatin capsules

  • Certified Organic Valerian root freshly milled and processed in small batches for optimum potency

  • FREE from dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, soy or corn allergens 

  • Product verified Non-GMO by SGS, an independent, third-party lab

  • Manufactured with love by us in Redmond, Oregon USA


2020 Organic Farmers of the Year

Jane and her husband, David Stevens, are the MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year. It’s immediately apparent that they are deeply passionate about the work they do. Jane and David own Four Elements Organic Herbals, a 130-acre farm in North Freedom, Wisconsin, about an hour northwest of Madison. They have been growing organic herbs and marketing herbal products for the past 32 years. They’re committed to good stewardship of their land, quality of life for their employees, and improved health for their customers.”…

Made Good Foods

Because snacking is for everyone, we bake MadeGood® in a dedicated nut-free facility. All our snacks are free from the most common allergens, they are organic and contain a serving of vegetables. The oats we use come from an industry-leading producer of pure, uncontaminated, organic, certified gluten-free oats through its Purity Protocol. What all this means is that our snacks are safe and really delicious.


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