In 1929, an Italian family immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, and started a business using fresh vegetables, premium ingredients and a slow cooking process—made the way they would serve their own family. More than 85 years later, we continue with their approach, maintaining the philosophy that Ingredients Come First.™

Apart from its old-world Italian charm, the gondola embodies elegance, romance and a deliberate slowness. After hours of rushing, stressing and worrying, our sauces transform a simple meal into something relaxing and enjoyable. We use only the finest ingredients and a slow kettle-cooking process to give our pasta sauce an authentic homemade taste, so you don’t have to make it yourself. So take a ride with us, slow down and taste what life has to offer.

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MISO MASTER Organic miso is naturally aged in wood without temperature control, yeast accelerants, or preservatives such as alcohol, all of which are used by commercial miso makers. From sweet, creamy, and light to hearty, robust, and dark, the six types of Miso Master Organic Miso offer an exciting variety of organic miso which can be used to enhance everything from basic soups to gourmet fare. Its salty taste and buttery texture make it a versatile ingredient for a host of applications, including sauces, dips, marinades, salad dressings, desserts, and yes- soups. Fresh and unpasteurized, it is a "Live Food" with subtle, balanced flavors that only great care, high quality ingredients, and natural aging can produce.

Supplement of the Month - Quercetin


                                    Quercetin has antiviral activities

   Quercetin’s potential antiviral properties have been investigated in numerous studies and preliminary research suggests that the bioflavonoid might inhibit the ability of some influenza viruses to enter cells, which would help to prevent infection. Quercetin’s possible antiviral effects appear to be related to an ability to help prevent a virus from replicating itself and to cause infection. It does this by inhibiting polymerases, proteases, and reverse transcriptase, suppressing DNA gyrase, and binding viral capsid proteins.

   There is also evidence that vitamin C and quercetin have a synergistic antiviral action because of their overlapping immunomodulatory properties and because vitamin C can ‘recycle’ quercetin, increasing its efficacy. In return, quercetin and other bioflavonoids help vitamin C to be used effectively by the body and increase the effectiveness of vitamin C by slowing down its breakdown.

Hardworking, pure and simple ingredients are the heart of our natural soap making traditions. For over 130 years, we have sourced the highest quality and most natural ingredients without compromising their value.

Bob's Red Mill

Preserving Nutrition Through Tradition

To make superb whole grain flour, no modern technology can match the Old World engineering of a stone mill. Our beautiful stone grinding mills are much like the ones used during early Roman times. Unlike high-speed steel rollers, our quartz millstones ensure the most nutritious parts of the whole grain remain, so we can pack wholesome goodness right into your bag.


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